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See Your Vision Come To Life...Steps To Creating A Vision Board

I talk a lot about vision and live your purpose.  Here is something to help you start with taking control of your life.

Create a Vision Board.

A vision board is a montage of pictures of the things that you want to accomplish posted on a board or paper.  This helps bring your visions to life.  When you bring your visions to life they seem easier to accomplish.  You are able to see yourself stepping into that accomplishment. 

I am going to give a few simple steps to creating a vision board. You will need half sheet poster board,  old magazines, and a glue stick.

  1. Think about all of the things you want to accomplish. 
  2. Write them down.
  3. Look through old magazines to find pictures of things that want to accomplish or things that symbolize things you want to accomplish.
  4. Cut them out.
  5. Glue them on the poster board.
  6. The hang in a place you pass by alot. 
This is an easy way to keep your dreams in front of you at all times.  By keeping your vision in from you at all times you are able you able to keep them in your mind and never lose site of what is important to you.

The great thing about a Vision Board you can do this with your kids.  If you start your kids dreaming early they will be have accomplished so much by the time they are adults.  In doing this you are giving your kids tools to accomplish things they want to do.

*****Instead of doing a board.  My son did his on his computer. He did copy and paste and then had his laminated.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I was Tony's 8th grade homerrom teacher and he shared this with me over facebook today. I am starting a new non-profit called Project I.C.E. in Murfreesboro. We have a facebook page set up if you would like to visit and share with those you know who may be interested in it. I am going to use this idea with the students that I am involving in my project. This fits perfectly into my program as an activity for the kids to engage in. I will be checking back! Thanks
Robin Bollman

Sherrie said...

My sister swears by her vision board. I have to get my act together And start mine.

Anonymous said...

Vision boards can be so fun! I did my first Vision board last year and have done a few others since. Each time I do another I take it to a new level. I started with magazine clippings on poster board, then I used an artists canvas and layered colored paper behind my images and phrases, wrapping it around the sides to allow my "vision" to extend beyond the front of the canvass. The last vision board I made in PowerPoint- that was fun!

I posted a photo of my first vision board on my blog here:

Lifewithpurpose said...

I appreciate your visit...I also appreciate your ideas. I have thought about doing a digital Vision Board so that once I achieve a goal I can replace with another instantly.

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