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Facing the Past

You know sometimes we have things and issues we don't want to face head on.  However, there times we have to bite the bullet and take on the issue like solider. 

I had a situation this weekend that made me come face to face with an issues I had tried to put in the back of my mind.  Only thing is this issue (person) kept coming up almost every single day.  It was a situation that I really thought was in my past but may be not.  There are days you gotta do what you gotta do.  So I did.

It was alot things there that I tried to release I guess were pushed down.  I really don't know what that means.  I actually had hear something that I really didn't wanna hear and I got say things I needed to say.  Nevertheless, I had to face and it was well needed. 

With all that said I have been wondering about the whole thing all day.  Then I said I am not going to keep letting this keep controling me.  I realized I can't control every situation in my life I can only control how I handle situations. 

Facing the past means taking control of you.  Until you take control you will always feel powerless. 

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