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Get Your Blissdom at Home Audio! If missed out Blissdom 2011 Don't Worry!

Missed a Session? Get it here.

The Gals from Blissdom have created a great way for you to get all the information you missed at Blissdom 2011.  It is called Blissdom At Home.  Blissdom at Home is an audio package that allows you unlimited access to to the audio versions of each workshop that was presented at Blissdom 2011.

Let's say you forgot about all the stuff you learned. Well, when you purchase Blissdom At Home you will be able go in listen to all the information you forgot.  Or you could listen to all the workshops that you wanted to go to but missed.

Can you image all the listen to all the audio from those classes at your leisure?  You will have over 50 speaks at your finger tips talking about their areas of expertise.  Think of all the knowledge you will gain. 

The best part is you can learn about Writing, Branding, Monetization, and lot more.  I was only able to attend the Wednesday Workshops but I learned a whole bunch of info but I am really happy to have the opportunity to hear all the other workshops that I missed.  I plan on using the knowledge I learn from the audios and letting that knowledge take me to Blissdom via my blog.

If you interested click on the Blissdom At Home picture and it will take you a link to purchase your audio access for $99.  Wait...$99 is an investment to creating and having the blog of your dreams.  Or you could say if you spend $99 bucks now you probably will not need to got to another blogging conference for the rest of the year.

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