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The Sits Girls 31DBBB Has Been A Blast
ebook copy 31 Days To Blog Better

I know some of you may not know what The Sits Girls 31DBBB is.  The Sits Girls is a community website talking about all kinds of things that affect women.  31DBBB, is Problogger's book 31 Day to a Better Blog Book.  I have done the challenge before.  It really helped me out a lot.  Otherwise, I would be lost.

This time I have to say I am having a BLAST! For sure. 
  • I have met some great ladies.
  • Checked out some great blogs. 
  •  Found bloggers in my niche.
  • Got new ideas.
  • Learned new tips.
  • Re-energized my blog.
  • Gotten the heart to keep this blog thing going.
I am super excited about all the things that are going.  True I may not do all the activities but I have reviewed them and learned all kinds of things.  Like Hello, Google Alerts. And is like the best thing to happen to twitter ever.  Now I don't have to worry about missing any of the best twitter stories.

This Sits 31DBBB has taken me to a new level.  I am working on so much and I even feel the creative juices flowing again.  I even re-designed my blog.  I mean really.  I have to thank our hostess with the mostess Shelley Ellen over at I'm Still Standing for great post each day. 

So, if you're interested in Sits 31DBBB follow the link. 


Marie Noelle said...

Great list of what the SITS can do for us!!! I love this community and I love the 31dbbb challenge!!! It helped me so much!!!

brittany.baughman said...

I am so there with you! I *heart* #SITS31DBBB!

Lifewithpurpose said...

@Marie Thanks Sits31dbbb has been a blessing to me.

@Brittany Sits31dbbb need to happen more often.

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