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10 Week Writing Challenge-My Top 10 Movies

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I am loving this 10 Week Writing Challenge that Shelley over at I'm Still Standing started.  It is doing exactly that challenging my brain. WHOA! Today I will give you My Top 10 Movies. There will be some classics and there will be some that might not expect.  No particular order.

  1. Tombstone. Man Doc Holiday (Val Kilmner), Wyatt Erp (Kurt Russell), and Johnny Ringo (Michael Biehn).  I just loved the action, the gun slinging, and men.  That I loved the pure vision of manhood.  I love.  I just watched the other night.  LOL!
  2. Little Women. The one with Wynonna Ryder.  Loved it.  I love the pure simplicity of it all. I love how they overcame struggle to have great life.  Sisterly love.  I cried a few times when Beth dies.  It is just so deep.
  3. Sense and Sensibility. I felt connected to it.  Kate Winslet's character was almost like a situation that was going on in my life.  I still feel overcome with emotion when I watch it sometimes.
  4. Age of Innocence. That movie was filled with a love that was so passionate and so deep but was not meant to be.  Daniel Day-L1 ewis' character was so perfect in a sense to marry one that he did not love.  Sad times.  
  5. Clueless. Oh my Gosh! How funny? Didn't everyone want to be the most popular rich girls that had it all?  Come gorgeous and rich
  6. Mo' Betta Blues and Training Day.  Ok, let me say I am not big Denzel Washington Fan.  But honey!  Are you kidding me! In Mo Betta you see the sexy swagger of  this character torn between two women and his music.  Tortured Artist. Training Day, all I can say is bad boy in action.
  7. Gone With Wind.  Back in the day long long ago.  A time when we were barely a country.  I love drama of it. I love the beauty.  It is just a good story. 
  8. Face Off.  It was so action packed and so intense you just can't stop watching it. 
  9. Madagascar 2. Funny from start to finish.  MotoMoto. King Julian.  Come on people.  This movie is hilarious. 
  10. Love Jones.  Love that comes back to you. Who doesn't like that? 
I hope yaw liked my selection of movies and may be we have couple of movies in common. May be you will be intrigued to watch one or two.  I don't generally go to the movies I just wait until they come to cable.  LOL! May be that is why my favs are old. LOL!  Just to add one Bride Wars. Love the whole New York back drop and all the craziness that ensued.

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