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Are The Big Blogging Opportunities Passing You By Because Your A Small Blogger?

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I think it is time I get it together.  I am really working on a couple of projects that will really help me accomplish my goals.  I have been working like crazy to work. Somehow, I feel like I am missing a few things. 

I desire to create an online community that will empower woman.  Building a community takes more than one person.  I have been looking to partner with other bloggers in an effort to help us all accomplish our online goals.  The problem is most bloggers only want to partner with bloggers with a big online following.  The other issue is big bloggers only want to partner with bloggers that have a big following.  The circle continues.

I wondering at what point do the big fish in the pond give the small fish an opportunity?  Small fish find it hard to get the cool sponsorships or brand ambassador programs unless they have a lot of followers.  Did anyone ever think that maybe if you partner with a smaller blogger and give them an opportunity they might get the things they need to grow. 

I am I missing something.  May be I need to figure out something that I missed.  Could some one enlighten me or give me your thoughts?


Sheedia | InspirU CooCoo said...

Well, this is probably good news for you. I'm a small blogger that is willing to work with anybody. Big, small, loner or visitor poor. I get the idea that working with bigger bloggers can get you more traffic. But you could also get good traffic from a small, yet tight community. Hope that encourages you a bit.

P.S. Thanks for the Twitter mention!

Ashley said...

Unfortunatley, most bloggers are in this for themselves. They find sponsors and businesses to work with on their own so they expect you to do the same. We all work hard on our sites and once in a blue moon you'll find someone to help you out. There are a few communities you can join that can help you meet other bloggers but again, no one will share contacts because in teh blogging world, contacts are sacred. I've been doing this for a while so if you have any questions just let me know! :)

Heidi D. said...

Creating an online community is tough because you're not only competing with other bloggers, you're creating with other online entities like Facebook, Twitter, etc. as well. To start, creating a community with a very specific niche may be your best bet. Good luck!

Lifewithpurpose said...

@Sheedia Thanks Lady I will hook up with this evening.

@Ashley I see what you mean. I am one of those people that want to help others and my knowledge. I guess I don't understand how people say, "I will mentor you or I will help you" that does not mean a whole lot. I understand working hard, but do you really want everyone to struggle like you did. You know what I mean. I will a have to email you to get some tips if you don't mind.

@Hedi building a community is a challenge but I see all over the place that it can be done. I just wonder how they do it.

Everyday Mama said...

It's true, it's true. I'm happy being a small fish though because there's no pressure BUT then again, those big opportunities are nice. There's just so much competition out there these days that it's hard to establish your niche. AND also, I've been hearing from companies that they keep seeing the same people over and over again..I think some are ready for just have ask them! Always willing to help another blogger find their way...

Kaley said...

I think it's the luck of finding the right people and putting yourself out there. Don't be afraid of rejection. Early on in the SITS 31 Day Problogger Challenge we were asked to look at a top blog in our niche. I found one, one that I had been looking at for a while and was a wealth of information, and mentioned her on my blog.

She saw that she was getting hits from me and checked me out, left a comment on my blog saying how flattered she was and now I have the beginnings of a friendly relationship with her. It's nice, she's tweeted my posts a couple times (and gives me HUGE surges of traffic, even if for a brief moment).

I think it's all about timing it right. It's not going for those huge, monster, massive blogs, but rather... the blogs that have a substantial following and are just now starting to hit it big.

Twitter has been great with helping that. Retweeting them, jumping in when you have something to say to them. It's really upped my game with that.

Though, I will admit, my blogging stats are starting to flatten out, not getting nearly as many views as I was before, or picking up followers like I once was (I don't think I've gotten a new one in a handful of days). It's slightly devastating to the ego, but I've really not written much that is too overly spectacular lately.

It's weird. I'm not really sure what the secret is.

Kirsty said...

I'd be happy to collaborate with others to help their blogs, help mine and build up some networks. The blog community isn't quite so advanced here in Australia so the big bloggers are still reasonably accessible but obviously we also don't have the same level of sponsorship or advertising dollars that are available in the US.

Have you looked at creating a Forum group somewhere (on SITS, BLogFrog, etc) that bloggers can join if they're interested in collaborating with others and sharing ways to move their blogs forward? Or are you looking at creating something completely new? I'd be interested in further collaboration opportunities, they would be a great way for my to hone my writing skills and also make more lasting contacts. Good luck, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out!

Beth Zimmerman said...

You seem to be headed in the right direction! :) I came to visit because I saw that you ReTweeted one of my posts (thank you) and I see that at least one of the above ladies did likewise.

Building community takes time and a LOT of effort. I've been blogging about 4 years but I only began blogging publicly last March. Since then I did complete start-over (in May 2010 while recovering from surgery) when I moved from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. I went from 0 followers to 107 (on Blogger) back to 0 (fresh start on WP) and now (technically) have 350+ (per feedburner). And while that may sound massive to someone just starting out ... it's piddling! :) And the truth of the matter is that the majority of those never comment (and most may not read). I only have 2 or 3 dozen regulars that I am building relationships (community) with. Most of those I met by participating in memes. Not follow Fridays or whatever ... topical memes that have groups of people who participate week after week. And as I have grown more comfortable with those ladies (and the random gent) I have branched into FB & Twitter. Last summer I even played in the BlogFrog pond for a while but when I hopped out to get back to work ... no one cared enough to ask where I was. Not complaining. I just obviously had no roots there even though I had invested a lot of time and thought.

Sorry ... didn't mean to write a book (or a post on your blog)! I get chatty when I'm tired and it's way past my bedtime!

Look me up again some time! My world always has room for another friend!

brittany.baughman said...

Blogging and growing a following can be a PITA. It is a slow process and it takes lots of time and effort to get anywhere, and it won't be fast. Part of the problem with being a small fish in a big pond is not the big fish. IMHO mind you. Think of what it is like as the big fish. EVERY OTHER small fish is asking for help, handouts and guidance. There is not enough time to help every one who asks, and a lot of the time the help is already out there, in posts on there blog, in eBooks, in books and no one wants to take the time to look for it. They just want the information handed to them on their terms.

Speaking as a forum builder/admin I can also tell you no forum turns into an instant sensation over night. It can take YEARS to get a steady flow of active members. Again, we have to constantly network and work and apply SEO to get "to the top".

Another thing to consider is what niche you are trying to "fish" in. (sorry about all the fish/pond references LOL) Mom/Woman blogging communities are popping up constantly right now. They all "empower" or "support" so how are you going to to compete with the established ones out there? In essence that is exactly what you are going to be doing.

You are going to need to focus on what you can offer a follower/reader/member that they are not going to get elsewhere. Business 101. Good luck! If I can help ya any shoot me an email.

Lizzie said...

I love the idea of having an online community to empower women - I can't think of a better thing I'd want to be part of! :) #commenthour

Bewildered Bug said...

I so understand your desire to grow bigger and the frustration at how slow the process is. I think that with consistent work it will come - slowly, surely.

Good content and good networking must equal something right? I'm still trying to do this myself, but unlike you my blog doesn't have a direction - it's sorta all over the place!

I'm taking part in a lot of challenges and adding and following everyone and everything to my heart's content. I've gotten a lot of good blogger friends etc. from doing this.

I wish I could afford BlogHer'11 because I'd love to do a conference. I'm on the waitlist for BlissdomCanada'11 too - but I think I probably won't be successful in getting a ticket...I think the conferences will definitely help me not only to network, but to learn more about how to make my blog succeed and how to put it out there in competition with the big guys. Maybe you could look into going to one of those?

BTW the idea of a women's empowerment blog is amazing. See if you could hook up with others like Because I am a girl etc.

Lifewithpurpose said...

Ladies you all have great comments and things for me to consider. I appreciate the outpouring of love and advice. All of you ladies rock.

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