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Thankful Thursday

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I have had the opportunity in the past few years to really met some incredible people.  I on the other hand have been closed.  I have been the one keeping myself at bay.  May be because I have gotten so used it just being me and the boys.  Growing up I was kinda of like an only child. 

Now, I have realized the more I keep my self separated from people the more I keep my self from having real and authentic relationship.  I think really that is the piece of my life that has been missing.

I want to say that I am thankful for all the great woman in my life.  That is from my friends to the woman I work with to woman I go to church with.  Thank you ladies for being you.  Love you all.


T-Byrd said...

I have kept myself locked away like that before too. and I dont usually realize it until I have missed the chance at getting to know great people.

I am glad you have great women in your life. we all need them!

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to close ourselves off from the ones we need the most. I'm glad to see you realize what you are missing! We all need love and friendship.


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