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Bucket List Continued... 31 to 44. Places to Visit
photo by: by mdanys

I want to continue with my My Bucket List.  I am just lumping all of the places I want to travel together.  Some of these places are just places you have to go and nothing to be said but others may require some explanation.  If you have traveled to any of these places give me  the dish so I will no waht to do when I get there. 

31. Visit Jamaica.

32. Visit Hawaii.

33. Visit Aruba.

34. Visit Bahamas.

35. Visit Turks and Cacaos.

36. Stay a week at Amelia Island Plantation, FL. One of America's few all-inclusive resorts.  It is so great for the whole family.  I came across it one year looking for a place to go on vacation.  Click on the link it is so dreamy.
37. Visit Miami.

38. Visit Cuba. I have always heard through family stories that we had Cuban in our blood line. It would so awesome to visit and experience the beauty of the land.

39. Visit Porta Valletta Duh! That is where The Love Boat ported every week.
40. Visit DC I am a history geek and it would be awesome to see all our nations treasures.

41. Visit Martha’s Vineyard. Beautiful and luxurious. 

42. Visit The Hampton’s. In the Old days New York's elite would escape the city in the summer and fall to descend on the this beautiful coast of New England.  Bringing the quite town alive.  What many don't know is that many of the elite blacks of the day also descended upon the city as well.  Just to be in the throws of the this place that has so much history and beauty would a geekfest for me. 

43. Visit Yellow Stone National Park. I mean really who would not want to visit this place it is volcano.  For real check the link.

44. Visit Dodge City, KS. Love cowboys and the history behind the old west. 

I hope you like my choices.  Of course, this is not all of the places I want to visit but it is a good starting point. 


Kaley said...

I went to Miami today (visa stuff at the Japanese consulate) and it was so stressful driving there! Everyone is crazy! Swerving in and out of traffic on the highways, no blinkers, almost getting run over trying to cross the street at red lights.

:( But it was cool, coming over a bridge on the highway and seeing the skyline. I've been all around Miami (Ft Lauderdale and then Homestead) and it's lovely. Lots to do!

Sheedia @ InspirU CooCoo said...

Your missing on visit Curacao! Great picks though. Been to Jamaica, Aruba, Miami and DC. Liked all of them, but Jamaica will always have a special place in my heart.

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