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The Holiday Hop Starts Today!

I will be doing a Holiday Hop. The Holiday Hop will start Thursday, November 10th and end December 16th. On Thursday, I will be talk anything Thanksgiving or Christmas. You know traditions, food, tips or gift ideas, etc...leave me a comment on the blog, Facebook, or Twitter with your holiday post and the next day (Friday) I will Tweet your links. You can also stop by here and check my Friday post and I will have all the links here all nice neat for you. I ask that you contact on Thursdays by 10 P.M. EST or 7 P.M. PST.

Or if you would like everyone to read about your Holiday Tips you can leave a comment, Twitter (@aejohnson3131), or Facebook.

Here are some blogs to get you started on the the Holiday Hop.  These are blogs I know you will enjoy.

Top 5 Get-Yourself-Through Thanksgiving Resources, Excluding Alcohol

Handprint Turkey Cookies

Against Trussing: Turkey Advice from Fine Cooking

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