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Get Over Yourself

Christmas is over and now you feeling all crazy.  Your feeling crazy cause you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas.  Get over yourself.  You keep thinking about that present you think was so awful but the person gave it to you in love.  Only you not feeling much love.

Really!  Did you share your holiday with people you love? Well, maybe not.  Did you share the holiday with family?  Do you eat good?  Did feel some kind of twinkle in your heart?  Come on I know you did. I know you had a moment when you saw the holiday lights and you smiled.  Be honest you had good moment.

Getting is not the reason for the season.  Giving is the one reason.  Even, if you didn't give any presents it is ok.  You gave love and you had that moment.  We often have issues with the things we get but never think about that fact that you could not have gotten anything at all.  Someone cared enough.  Whether or not you liked anything you got someone thought of you.  Even though you have a suck attitude and ugly entitlement thing going.  Get over yourself. 

Take a deep breathe.  Think positive thoughts.  Think happy thought.  Think about the love you received. Now, stop complaining.  Be Thankful.  Smile.

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