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Love The Skin You are In!

Love the skin you are in.  That is a powerful statement.  Many people hate the way they look. They hate all kinds of things about their self.  Is it them or is it society? We hear too often that we need to be skinny.  We need to be beautiful.  If you want to be a model you need to look a certain way.  If you want to be a professional you need to dress in a 3 piece suit everyday.  Blah! Blah! Blah!. 

You know what I think? We have been told a bunch of garbage.  The media and magazines tell us so much crap about how we need to look.  The problem is most of the people telling us how to look are not really comfortable with their own skin.  They are constantly trying to change to please others and feel empty trying to do it.  Trust me, half the people that media says are the most beautiful people are really not.  I have seen plenty of people walking around that have so much natural beauty.  There are a couple of ladies I have seen that are totally beautiful and I wonder why they heck they are working regular jobs.  Like this lady I know her name is Jill.  She is simply gorgeous and I wonder why she does not model.  She doesn't have issues but there are so many beautiful ladies that do. 

Aren't all women beautiful? Don't they have some form of beauty?  Many women for what ever reason have been told they were ugly and that has scarred them.  Don't let other people define who you are.  Stop the madness. Honey, let me tell you people will say anything to you out of jealousy, anger, hate, or plain ignorance.  People like to disrespect but don't have any idea about life cause they are messed up.  Don't let these messed-up lost people direct you down a the wrong path.  If you like what you see. Then someone else will to.

 I say as long as you present yourself neat, clean, respectable, and well-put-together then you are good.  Now, if you feel like you need to upgrade your hair, or lose weight, or add make-up, update your wardrobe then do it but don't go crazy. I said if you feel...not out of pressure or insecurity because you want to add to your style. Do it.  Whatever you do love the skin you are in.


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