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Path To Purpose

One of the hardest things to do is find your purpose in life.  I know we all keep searching for what it is we need to be doing.  The problem is are we really searching or are we just looking every now and then?  How often we really try? often times we feel like it is in the career we choose.  That might be true but think about this purpose is so much deeper than that.

Purpose is something God predestined you to do. Purpose is something greater than you could do on your own.  It takes your gifts and it becomes something so big you don't believe that it is for you to do.  I found that when we sit back and daydream about all the wonderful things you wanna do there is purpose in that.  When you dream about doing something so great it is probably purpose in it.  The only way you are are gonna find it is when you search.

The search starts with God.  God wants you to be connected with him.  Sure, a person can do great things with out God but God want us to do even greater things.  You have to be in relationship with the One that created you to be able to find the instruction manual.  The instruction manual is the Bible.  The Bible tells you everything you need to know. Ask God to show you what you need to understand in the passage.  In that passage, you may find the keys to to opening the first door to purpose.  It sounds hard but it is not.  God guides and when He is silent keep going down the path He lead you down.

It is your choice. If you really want to find purpose.  You just read how to get started so what are you waiting for?


Ms. Positivity said...

So many times we have no idea what we are supposed to do in life. We jump from this and that....we fall off many paths and become annoyed because its not what "We" want! I have learned God will even send us down a rocky us many things to put us on the right path. Faith guides us and we have to follow! So let us unpoke our lips and do what is requested of us! Living by faith not disappoinment....

Lifewithpurpose said...

Ms Positivity, Living by Faith is how I live honey. No other way!

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