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Happiness Is Being Yourself

When you find out who you really are it is incredible.  You feel alive.  Until that point you never just walk along life thinking things are fine.  Fine? Are you really ok with being fine?

Life is meant to be lived at the best level you can live it.  I don't mean by material standards.  Living the best life is being able to understand who you are and where you fit as it relates the rest of the world.  Finding that groove.  Finding your groove.

To find your groove or your niche is really taking time out to do some self-introspection.  You have to really find what you really like.  Find who you want to be.  Be ok with being you.  Be ok with taking the chance of people finding out you like art, plays, or classical music.  Who really cares if your friends don' t understand. Even with that if the people around you don't understand then may be they shouldn't be around you.  Stop trying to please people.  Why not do things for you?  It is not selfish.  Although, people might say or think who cares. 

In doing, that you are freeing your self.  Don't you want to be free?  There are so many things in life we have to do like go to work, pay bills, or obey the speed limit.  But being yourself is your own thing. Freeing yourself could be moving to a new city or getting a new job.  Life is hard why make harder being someone that you are not?

Over the next week, think about where you would like to be in 1, 5, or 10 years.  I'm talking about really like to be...if you could do what ever it is you want.  You are never too old, never to poor, or never too dumb.    At that point, you will see how incredible life really is.


Anonymous said...

Love this post and the challenge to set goals for your life is a great tip!

Lifewithpurpose said...

Thanks your always so positve. Just think if we all found where we fit how much better would the world be?

kita said...

I think people try to find themselves and they are not happy until they do. You can tell when someone is completely satisfied with themselves they offer no apologies. Great post

TheProDiva said...

This is such a great post! I always tell my sisters that they cannot expect anyone to "get them" if they don't first get themselves. Self-realization is one of the greatest gifts one can give him or herself.

Lifewithpurpose said...

Ladies I am glad you like this post. It is so important for people to "know thy self." It makes life so much easier.

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