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Happy New Year

WOW! It is 2012!  We made on in.  I hope that you shared it with people you love. Now, is the time that we start moving in a positive direction.  Don't make all these promises and resolutions to do all the things you know you won't do.  Make plans to be successful.  I mean you owe it to yourself.  Aren't you as important as anything else in your life?  If you don't feel like it let me tell you are important and you deserve to be happy regardless of your past behavior or mistakes.  Forget about what did or didn't happen in 2011.  Move on and move in to a happy place. 

Have a great year. I hope this year is filled with love, happiness, and success for you. 


Brenda said...

Happy New Year!

Shar @ Thrifty Bliss said...

Happy New Year!
Join our Daniel Fast if you'd like!

Best wishes for 2012!!!

xo -S

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