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He's So Sexy!

I was sitting back thinking about how do you find a sexy man.  I mean the kind of man that walks in the door and your eyes water cause he is just that sexy.  Ladies you know the type.  You've seen him or may be your married to him.  Let's take a ride into my mind to put together my image of a sexy man.

I would take the persona of Denzel Washington.  The way he walks in a room it is too much.  His presence is so powerful.  I mean come on ladies he embodies the whole sexy man thing. When he was in Training Day I watched that movie like all the time. Oh Baby! Remember when he was in Mo' Betta Blues.  He was truly at his sexiest.  Oh! Bleek!

Then I would take the body of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Lord have mercy. The Rock is his name for a reason.  His body is out of this world crazy.  Nice brown skin. Those big arms.  That chest.  Those abs.  And I don't really care for all those muscles bound guys.  But The Rock I will make an exception. 

Let's take the one of a kind Renaissance Mans personality, George Clooney.  You loved him in ER and you love him in the movies.  He is just an over all kind of sexy man that will be polite, kind and loving.  You know a man like that loves hard.  You can probably feel his love from around the world.  You could fall in love from him saying, "Hello."

The smile of Taye Diggs.  You have seen Private Practice.  You can't tell me His smile is not the most absolute sexiest smile on the planet.  His voice is good too.  Shoot I'd be trying to have his baby too.

He has to cook like Emerald Lagasse.  I love him.  He is funny and he can cook.  Winning combo.  Just imagine coming home every night with a delicious meal on the table.  Once your belly is full.  Time to romance it up baby. 

The Business sense of Donald Trump.  Ladies.  Business Sense.  The Donald owns just about everything on the planet.  He is knows business and how to make it work.  How sexy is it to have a man build a hotel inspired by you.  What a tribute. 

Here is the topper.  It is will be a bit controversial.  President Barack Obama's intelligence.  I know. I know. Love him or hate him he is intelligent.  You haven't heard so much intellect in politics in a while. 

If you take Denzel's persona and walk with George's personality with The Rock's body with Taye's smile and the cooking of Emerald's and Donald's business sense with Barack's intelligence.  Goodness.  I'd be at home everyday.  I love to say ladies your man is nothing like my man cause "He's so sexy!" 

I have to give a shout out to Idris Elba who is probably all of these men rolled up in to one with Sexy British accent to boot.  He is sexy I dream about him but that is another story for anther day.  Shout to Andy Garcia Love him. 

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TheProDiva said...

You have managed to do in one post what women have been trying to do for centuries! There's gotta be a prize for this!

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