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Keep It Positive

Don't you just dislike those folks in your life that have always got something to say? You know those people that always throwing their unwanted opinion on you. Those are the very same people that can't take it when you give them your opinion about them.  Would it be too mean to say get a life?

May be so.  If you know me then you would be like don't do it.  They I talk and the look that I might give would be way harsh.  I try not to be like that but it happens from time to time.  I try to be as nice as possible but I am really straight forward.  Like really.  It is hard for me to hold anything back. I have learned how to soften my tone but none-the-less it is what it is.  I am not as random as I used to be I learned control.  I digress...

Anyway (in MotoMoto voice), I try not to give unsolicited opinions, except to my kids.  I have learned everything is not for me to say or for me to point out.  But some of these people are straight up outrageous with the mouth flapping. Really people! You think people want to hear your funky comments all the time?  But when some one pops back at you then you might have a severe breakdown.  Come can we all just be nice?  Is there not a social code that we live by or do we just say whatever the heck we want?

I mean regardless of how you feel about President Barack Obama he is still the President.  People disliked President Bush but you never seen people disrespecting him in the manner Barack gets dissed.  If you feel like he is a bad President or you have issues with his race that is totally fine.  You are entitled to your thoughts.  There has to be a respect level.  I just think we have all forgotten our manners and now anything goes. 

I said all that to say.  I ask that everyone please try to be on your best behavior stop and think before you speak. 

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