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Passion Develops Purpose

If you have passion for a certain thing it is a good idea that you have purpose in that area.  What we do is throw ourselves into one area thinking because we love it that is passion therefore leads to purpose.  It is true that they all could go together but that does not mean they are all one in the same. 

I love steaks.  I love cake. It doesn't mean that they are my passion.  Passion is when you can talk about it all day long, if it were your job you'd do it for free.  Passion is when it pulls at you in the recesses of your mind.  For example, I am passionate about business.  When I say passionate to the point I could stay up all night coming up with business ideas and strategies.  I have given business advice free for years not even realized I was doing it.  I research it.  I talk about it.  I think about it.  I know every aspect of business and what I don't know I learn willing freely.  I get excited about it all the time.  I could go on.  Really!  It is in me. But I tricked into thinking there was no purpose in that.  I thought purpose was Holy.  People made me feel like who are you to be some kind of business whiz.  So, I dropped and had no idea.  I was still in purpose because allowed me to store more of in my brain until I realize who I was. 

I also want you to know that you can have more than one passion.  Don't get hung up like I did.  Keep asking God to show you who you really are.  Ask him to help you find your passion and lead you to your purpose.  It may be hard at first but it will all fall into place soon. 


kita said...

Very good post. I sometimes feel lost with this like do I do what I am good at or do what I love as a career. I am good at cooking but I don't like it. I like writing but I am not good at it. I will continue to ask the Lord to show me the way.

Lifewithpurpose said...

Kita I really need to talk with you. I think you know your purpose I think that you are just unsure of yourself.

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