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People Receive Love In Different Ways

Do you love the way you should?  I know many people often give love but only  how and when they want.  The people that you love may not know that you love them.  You say why? Cause you tell them.  Do you really tell them?  People receive love in different ways.  When you love someone some times words are not enough.

Do you believe some one loves you, when they tell you in one breathe and do something to hurt you  the next day?  Doesn't match. I think giving love and showing love is more than just talk.  You have to be able to give love whole hearted.  Making sure that what we say matches our actions. 

When our actions align with our words love becomes real to the other person.  You have to be in-tune with what represents love to them.  Often people need more than just words they might like a gift or kind gesture.  You can read the book, The Five Love Languages it will help to understand how we give and receive love.  This will work for anyone in your life. 

Taking the time to think outside of your self will give you change the nature of the relationships that you deem important.  Then there will be no question about your love for them. 

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