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Stop Looking Back

At church my Pastor spoke about not looking back and moving forward.  Moving forward! Wow! That is so powerful.  Many times we look back on the past.  Be it good or bad we think about it.  Isn't it time you stop looking back?

What we do is dwell on the bad things and try to figure out how we could have done it better.  Is it really that important?  Once the moment has past you can never get it back.  Why would you keep going back to that bad place?  What about those good moments that you have tucked in your memories? You know the ones that made you happy.  You keep playing that victory over and over in your mind. Just like it were yesterday.  Stop it.

I know how it is.  I've done your Moma done it.  The Postman does it.  We all do it.  It's like playing a the movie of your life and the sound track playing in the background.  I know I got you.  It happens.  The thing is you will never get where you are suppose to be if you don't stop the madness.  It is mental abuse.  You can't keep living in that moment until you get it right or stay in the land of your accomplishment forever.

Moving forward might be hard but it is needed.  It is the healthy thing to do.  Take it from me you are missing out on life when you stay stagnant.  I know there are some great things you wanna do.  Just do it. get off the couch and do it.  You wanna write a book. Or run a marathon.  Or travel to Europe. Do it.   Move forward. 

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Anonymous said...

Moving forward is tough sometimes, but once we take the first step it gets a lot easier! Sometimes we just gotta do it!!

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