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Weekend Recharge

I know it was a short work week.  I bet you had to cram 5 days into 4.  Sucks right?  You get a day off and then you have to scramble to get everything done.  By Friday you are about ready to fall out.  I know. Never fear.  I have some ideas that will help you recharge and get few errands done this weekend.

  • When you get home tonight shut down all the electronics (wait finish reading this first).  Sit down on the couch and let everything go.  Release!  Take a nice hot bath.  Relax! Order some take out. Then, curl up and watch a nice movie.
  • Before you go out call and set an appointment for a pedicure.  Then, you can walk right in and sit back and relax.
  • Stop by your favorite little shop and buy something nice.  Even if it is a small accessory. 
  • Go home and take a nice nap.  It is ok. You need that extra energy for the new work week.
  • Take some time to write in your journal. You do have one right?  Express your heart. 
All it takes just a little to get a lot.  You have to take some time out to recharge if not you will be run down and will be unproductive.  Take some time to recharge this weekend.


Chrysta @ said...

I loved this post, Angela! Though it wasn't a short week for me, it's always good to recharge my batteries on the weekend.

When I used to work 35 hours a week, I was able to recharge more effectively during the week. Now that I'm back on a 40 hour workweek, weekend downtime is absolutely necessary!

Happy Friday!


Lifewithpurpose said...

Thanks Chrysta. Wowo you were living the dream with 35 hours a week. That is real nice. May be you should try some of my tips to help you. LOL

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