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What Happened To Good Character?

I am not talking about character of a movie or or a joking character.  I am talking about character the morale and ethically quality of  a person.  Character is important.  I think we have lost site of morales and values in our world today. We value looks, attitude, and money over everything.

I met some beautiful people but their character was sleazy.  I mean the kind of person that thinks that it ok to date some one only for the fact that they have money.  Or a person that will date a women only to to have sex.  Really those are little by the comparison.  There are people doing things that I can't believe.  When you think about it we see character flaws from alot of people.  We see it from co-workers, bosses, CEO's, teachers, preachers, government officials, and the such.  You know the people we are suppose to trust.  The people we expect to have good character. 

Do we expect to much from people?  I think not. I don't think it is too much to ask for people to not lie, cheat and steal. The real problem is that people with bad character have not idea they are doing anything wrong.  They are oblivious.  Why?  Because no one has ever told them, "Hey Buddy what your doing is wrong."  No one stands up for the right thing anymore.  If you do then your in the minority.  Sad!

By no means am I a goody-two-shoes.  I just try to live an honest life.  I teach my kids to live an honest life.  I make sure that they see me live that honest.  I try to be an example.  I have issues just like everyone else but I try to make decent decisions and keep away from the bad stuff.  If not I feel guilty.   If we all did this then  others will follow suit and the good will finally out way the bad.  Come on try it. 


kita said...

In today's world people can't even spell character. Everyone has it in them but for some reason they choose to do the opposite I honestly think people do it just for the fun. They know it's wrong but they do it for attention.

Shar ♥ said...

Great post, I agree with Kita's comment. People who have great character are few and far between these days. It's as if people have no morals anymore, and as you stated, I'm certainly no goody-two-shoes but I've really learned a lot from my past experiences and I'm striving to change every day.

xo -S

Lifewithpurpose said...

I know ladies this is just nature of the world. People just do what they wanna do. I heard this one thing by TD Jakes he went off about people doing what thye wanna do it is good.

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