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Why Do Women Have To Settle?

Women have made sacrifices for love for hundreds of years, may be even thousands.  Why is that we have to deal with so much just to have a man?  Men usually go for what they want and get it but women have to piece things together to try to get 50 % of what we want.  Men get 100% and Women get 50%. 

Seems like the numbers are off.  Back hundreds of years ago people would have the great big parties. Everyone would get dressed up.  The women would be in their beautiful ball gowns and the men would be in the coat and tails.  The men would roam around the room looking for the woman that he wanted.  The makes bid the woman's father. If he had enough money and right background then she was his.  No, ifs, ands or buts. It was a done deal.  The woman had not choice in the matter.  What has changed?  Not much.  Women do have some choice now.

However, a women's choice turns quickly into a mad dash from Spenster Hood to Marriage Hell.  Think about it.  The weekend comes we all head to the club.  The ladies in the latest fashions and the men with the latest gear.  The men roam around the room until they find the women they want.  Only this time they can make a bid directly to the women.  If he has enough money and the right background she is his. All because women are have been brainwashed into thinking if you are not married by a certain age it is over. 

Women have become desperate.  From there we settle.  We have friends, family, and media telling us we need to be married to be happy.  Then, they tell us you don't have to have the kind of man you want, any man will do.  We hear it so often we start to think may be they are right.  I have been caught up myself.  Do you know how many times I have heard, "Are you married, yet? You gotta a man, yet? I thought you were married?"  I reply, "No, I am waiting for the right man."  The looks I get are horrible.

There is nothing wrong with waiting for what you want instead of settling.  I think everyone deserves to have a man that makes them happy.  Too often women marry men for the wrong reasons.  Women look for things that they think will make them happy and men look for women that embody everything they are looking for to make them happy.  Why is it so easy for men and not for women? Men choose with their head and not with their heart.  Men choose women that can satisfy there every need i.e. beauty, brains, and personality. Women choose men that only satisfy a few of their needs  i.e. do I see him every now-and-then, is he good in bed, and does he have a job. 

Women don't make those choices because they want to or they don't want substance.  Women make these choices because that is what society tells us it will make us happy.  But I say no.  No, to all of the garbage. I say choose with your head.  Stop settling for what society things you should have.  Stop letting society put you in situations yo don't wanna be in.  Stay strong in what you believe in.  Stop settling for less then what you deserve. 


J. Thompson said...
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Angela Johnson said...
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E.B. Davis said...

I agree, social norms often push us women in a direction which is not truly meant for us. It is time we take back our control.

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