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Your Children Are Still Being Effected By Negative Entertainment

Many say as a parent you have to be aware of what your children are doing.  That is so true.  Although, it is true it is truly hard to know what your children are doing at all times, unless you keep them trapped in a bubble.

I think it is only necessary to keep your child in a bubble if there is a medical need.  Children are exposed to negative entertainment all the times.  All you have to do is watch TV for 5 minutes you will hear or see something not suitable for young eyes.  Regardless, of how much parenting you do or don't do the children are effected by negative entertainment.

Even, though you keep your kids away from negative entertainment not everyone is parenting like that.  Once, you send your children off to school the party begins.  Yes, school is structured but it is structured for interaction.  So, the child that gets to hears all the bad music and watch all the crazy TV shows. Comes in class telling all these adult jokes that he learned from "That Show." Now, your child hears it a loves it.  How about when you send your little Johnny of to that sleep over and they find the Dad's porno that he hide in the garage and they watch it?  Or your 10 year old is riding in the car with Uncle Joe.  Uncle Joe is playing that new hit song talking about getting high.  Then, your 10 year old thinks it is ok to get high. 

I am not saying that you home school your children or don't let them sleep over or don't let Uncle Joe take little Johnny any where.  I am saying you can't keep your children away from the negative stuff out there in the world.  You as a parent need to have conversations.  Tough conversations.  When your children experience these things they will know that is not right and not pick up bad habits, doing or saying things they shouldn't. 

No matter how hard you work at keep your children away from negative entertainment it still gets in because of their environment but talking to them helps. 


kita said...

This is so true we can't protect our kids from everything. They will learn things not only from us as parents but from society and other peers. Great post

Ms. Positivity said...

Amen! We may try all we want but it is a fight we will never win. I don't hind anything from my children. I keep it real but in the same breath I will let them know that this is NOT what you will do because this IS a movie and not reality. It doesn't matter like you mentioned some other kids has watched it and now my kids know about it and they are asking me can they watch it. My daughter asked me if I seen this new music video with Trey Songs,Neyo and Tpain(Like the way you move)....I said no...well hunni let me tell you when I saw it it was like watching the start of a porn. So to prove your point I didn't know but my 12 yr old did!

Lifewithpurpose said...

It is problem we face. We just have to have conversations.

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