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Let's Get Organized

I am totally convinced that if I don't get myself organized I am will never be as successful as I want. Being organized helps you plan, create, and implement. My disorganization (that's a word) is holding me back. 

I have made a promise to myself.  I promise I will be more organized. I have to create some better habits.  I have to actually use my planner.  I have to use my goal sheets.  I have to use my budget sheets.  If I don't I will end up just like last year with out accomplishing my goals.  WOW! That is a horrible statement. I can't keep going through life that way.  It is not pretty. 

I have made a choice to make my life better by getting more organized.  It is really going to be some hard changes but it's inspired of me to practice everyday.  I will push myself to get better.  They say it takes 21 days to make a habit stick.  Today, begins my start to my 21 day habit.  I will report back on my progress. 

I gotta keep from being the women in the picture above.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you in your efforts!

A Haute Mommy said...

Organization is my main goal this month. Good luck to you.

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