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Whitney Houston!

Wow! I wanted to cry! Whitney Houston gone at 48.  I loved her.  She is the only one that could bring chill bumps on my arm when she sings.  She was so great. 

She was a one of the greatest singers ever.  I don't care what you say about her she could sang!  She could hit high notes and with out any effort.  She was so graceful! I guess she broke me from liking any other Female Singers.  For real.  These other fakers! Come on! They can try to beat Whitney but really never have the talent she had in her finger.  They just can't do it.  It is wrong but they can't, you know it. Heck we all know it.

There will never be another Whitney Houston.  All I can say is if you never seen this video you must live a in cave.  This is the moment Whitney Won America's heart. 

Love you Whitney!

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