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Don't Say It If You Don't Mean It

You know we all have said things we don't mean.  Good and Bad.  Today, I want to talk about saying the good things.  For example, apologizes, compliments, or promises. People do this with good intentions, most of the time but the problem is people believe these good intentioned words and some what depend on them.  Which could lead you or some one else into trouble.

If you have done something wrong or hurt someone you might be inclined to apologize.  That is all well and good if you really mean it.  If you really feel regret about what you said or did then apologize.  When you do, keep in mind there is a level of expectation...that you meant it and it will not happen again.  You give the person the idea that they can trust your word.  However, if you apologize and continue to do the same thing over again.  That means your apology was not sincere and that person can't trust you.  Sure, you did not mean it that way be that is what happens.  It also says to that person that you don't care about how you made them feel. 

If you do care how a person feels and you throw out meaningless compliments you can do more harm than good.  Let's say a person asks your opinion on something but you give a positive when you really mean a negative you could cause that person to do something that will hurt them in the long run.  I see this all the time. People say, "Oh, I really like that outfit," but really that person looks a hot mess you were wrong for stating it that way.  What you mean to say is, "I like the outfit but it doesn't suit your body type."  Otherwise, you could have some one going around thinking they look good but they don't and when someone speaking truth tells them the real deal they don't believe them.  A true friend will always be honest and say the right thing when needed.

Promises. Promises.  I am sure we have all done this from time to time. We have made promises we could not keep.  There are times when it is understandable but if you constantly breaking promises you have issues.  It kinda borderlines on being a liar.  And that is exactly how some people will take it.  Try to be that person people can count on.  If you can't be honest enough to say, "You know I probably won't be able to do that," or "No, I can't help you."  At least people will know up front.  Don't try to save face in person and punk out once out of sight.

People will respect your honesty.  People may not always like your honesty but in a world full of fake people and liars people will know they can trust your opinion or thoughts when they need it.  So, don't say it if you don't mean it. 

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