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Will You Deal With Anything To Keep Your Man?

Ladies, I was thinking today about how women deal with so much garbage to keep a man.  I have done it.  I am preaching to the choir.  When I think about some of the stuff I put up with to "keep a man" it makes me angry.  Angry that I did it and angry that men don't appreciate good women (not all but some.) This is a the thing that alot of women do.

I have certainly been there lonely and wanting a little attention from a man.  It is totally understandable.  The problem is we get so hung up on trying to find a man or keeping a man we degrade ourselves with the things we do or put up with.  I mean if you are in relationship and he stays out with "the boys" all the time... he is probably not with "the boys." If he is late picking you up for a date or breaks dates on the regular, he is saying to you he has more important things to do.  When he lies or misleads you he probably is hiding something.  You might say these are small but really they are not. 

If you allow those things to slide then you allow him to do more.  Think about it... if lies he then he will cheat.  Why? Because he feel likes he can get away with it.  Honestly, those things are small potatoes.  I hear of women full on taking care of men.  Anything from buy clothes, paying child support, to expensive electronics and more.  Then, the man is going around mess with every women that will look at them.  I once told a man, "I did not fell secure with being with him.  Because said if something happened to me and I could not work I don't think you could take of me."  He never understood why I said that.  Honestly, if you could not take care of me if you had to why do I need you. 

I know it may sound harsh but if man is not bringing anything to the table why bother to let him eat dinner.  I am bringing steak and you bringing bologna doesn't not match.  This is not a materialistic thing is it a realistic thing.  Sex and love don't pay the bills. Honey, good sex don't mean nothing to me right now, especially since I am holding out for marriage.  You got bring you 'A' game.  You want me to bring mine. If not you'll make it known.  Men make it know what and how they want things and if we don't comply they hit the road but a women will suffer in silence.

I've been told men know when a women is desperate or has low self-esteem.  If a man is out to play games he is looking for just those types of women.  If a woman is confident and looks like she will not take no junk they go running.  You might think well the decent men never come my way. You know why? They never come your way because you smell like desperation.  A strong confident good man is not trying to be brought down by your low self-esteem.  I mean really do you want a man that messed up?  You don't. don't expect them to.  You don't have to be like that. Take time to get your head right.  Stop making everything about finding a man and just be ok with where you are.  Otherwise, you will more problem then you got with out a man.

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