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Do Something Nice Today

It is so easy to something nice for someone close to you.  You do that stuff to show how much you appreciate them.  That is normal.  I Hope! Try doing something nice for someone that you would not normally do for. 

What I mean is step out of your comfort zone.  There are people out there living rough lives and going through things we could not even imagine.  No one ever does anything nice for them.  Why?  Not cause they are bad people and they don't deserve it.  Because they may not have any one to do anything for them.  Take for example, you live near a an elderly couple and their family lives in a another city.  They might need you to drag their garbage can to the street.  Or what about that crabby old poot that sits next to you, they never got married or had kids but they need help on a project.  Volunteer to help.  You might find that they are just lonely and not crabby at all. 

Taking the time to help someone even when they don't ask can sometimes help you.  You are able to see a person in different light and they might have been waiting for someone like you to come along and help them out.  Do something nice for someone today, it will make you smile.

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