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Dream Again!

In today's world we have few things to look forward to. We have to make life into something better for ourselves. The media and the world tell us there is a recession going on. They also tell us that we have to work until we are like 75 or 80 before we can retire. It sounds so depressing. You know what I say? It is a perfect time to dream!

Dream baby! Why not? What do you have to lose? Dreaming is free. I think people don't dream because they are afraid it will make them feel more depressed. I beg to differ. Dreaming about where you want to be keeps hope alive. It makes you feel like you can live another day.

I have been dreaming since I was young. It has gotten me out of some deep funks I have been in. They have also made me want to pursue my dreams, as well. You might think, "My dreams are so big that I can't possibly do them." If everyone thought like that way we might not have some of things we use today like phones, heat, electricity, water from a faucet. I know those seem like simple dreams but they were dreams for someone.

There has to be a dream that fires you up. I know there is something in you that brings your passion to life. Honestly, take some time to figure out how you can bring your dreams to reality? It just may change your life. It might change someone else's life.

Remember to join me here on May 14, 2012 for the "Empowerment Revolution." I'll start giving you the tools to change your life.

Remember to Live Your Life With Purpose!

Love Angela

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