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Not Livin Life With Purpose

I realized today that even though, I thought I was Livin Life with Purpose that I wasn't. That is right.  I have been really working on me and growing with in my walk with God.  God revealed to me that I really have not been purposeful. 

I haven't been purposeful because I really have not been putting my all into every area of my life.  It is kind of like I have been hitting at it softly.  So soft I am not making in impact.  Trust me when I say I have some big goals.  Not because they are all things that I feel totally comfortable doing.  They are not comfortable but they are things I need to do.

There are things that you need to do to get the things you want.  When you are driven by purpose you have to keep the final goal in mind.  To get there you might have to do some things that will take you out of your comfort zone.  Getting out your comfort zone is not always fun.  It is hard work to be successful. That is why you have to depend on God. 

Depending on God leads you to places you could never dream of going in your own strength.  I learned a long time ago that God wants to take us higher than we ever imagine ourselves.  I could have never imagine that I would be speaking to thousands of people.  To me that is scary.  For the God in me that is normal. 

God has placed all these awesome things inside of all of us.  We have to be willing to do the things He wants done. We have to be willing to sacrifice our self for His Glory.  I know it sounds like, "Oh, she is so confident."  I am not so much confident in me as I am confident in God. I am so confident in God that I am willing to give Him my all in ever thing I do.  That will be the difference in what I am doing now and what I am going to do from here on out my life. 

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