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Passion = Purpose

Wow, I just finished watching Oprah's Life Class with Bishop T D Jakes. It was so good.  I listen to TD Jakes regularly.  I am used to hearing Bishop talking about life and purpose.  The church I attend  main mission is "Helping you define your purpose."  Purpose surrounds me.  I guess you could say God is trying to get me to understand something.  Passion is purpose.

I love the fact that God is guiding my life.  In the past 3 years, I have allowed God to be in control.  Sometimes, I get in the way but for the most part I have given God full-control.  Giving myself to God is not about being a nun.  It is about God showing you how He designed you.  How He sees you.  He created us all with purpose built inside. 

As Bishop says, "There is purpose in your passion."  My previous Pastor used to say that but I had no idea how true that was.  I could not tap in to my passion because I was so busy thinking about pain.  The pain of my past.  Little did I know that the past was killing my passion and purpose, at the same time.  I thought that if I learned from my past or understood it I could change my life.  I never realized that the past is the past. 

You can only learn from the past and move on.  If you hover in the past you will never get to your purpose.  I became a master a reliving the past in my mind.  The only thing it did was move me farther from the where I really wanted to be. 

Where I want to be is here, writing and helping people with finding their purpose.  This is my purpose. This is truly my passion.


kita said...

I watched last night also it was so good I am re evaluating some things in my life and writing stuff down. These life classes are changing people for the better.

Discovering the Me in Mommy said...

It's hard to walk straight when you're looking backwards, right?!?

Lifewithpurpose said...

Life Class has been really good. I look forward to starting my own Empowerment Classes here. I think it will help us all.

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