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Tapping Into Your Creativity

Most people don't realize they are a creator.  Most people believe they don't have a creative bone in their body but you are so far from the truth.  When God created you he filled you with thoughts, ideas and the ability to create.

Creativity is not just being artsy or being a designer. If you have ideas that no one else thought of... What is that? Creativity at work.  Creativity means: The use of the imagination or original ideas.  We make it so deep but to be creative is quite simple.

If you change a recipe by mixing in favorite flavor. You just created a new recipe. If you put together an outfit different from the display. You have created a new outfit. 

Creativity is not hard or deep. It is just what is inside you.  When you are able to tap into your creativity you are able to accomplish more things.  You can accomplish the things that you like , not copy some one else's ideas.  When you can accomplish something new you are able to start seeing things differently.  When you see things differently you can free your mind to limitless possibilities.  Try tapping into your creativity you will enjoy what you find.

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