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You Don't Need A Man To Define You

Women are always hung up about finding that right person.  I heard some women talking, "I need a man. You gonna hook me up. "  Blah, Blah! It sounded a little much.  I thought is that how I sound? Desperate and sad.  Yes, I was one of those women talking about finding a man, alot.  I think with the turn of 40 I got caught up in the drama.  To see that from the other side made me really think.

God gave me a few points to look at.  If, I say I am living my life for God, how crazy do I look talking bout a man all the time?  If, I say I am busy doing God's plan why do I put energy into trying to get noticed.  Come on for real!  How can I be true to God's plan for my life if I so focused on something else.  I mean I was so focused I was consumed by it. Honestly, you can't do both. 

God knows the desires of my heart.  He gave me those desires.  But what He wants from me is to work His plan.  If I work His plan everything else will come.  I had to really get this thing together.  I mean really.  I had to be real with myself and really put God first.  I had to let go of my selfish needs.  In order, to do what I came here for.  This is not about me it is about God.

God is the head of my life.  He leads me and keeps.  I have to honor Him.  I have to honor Him with my time and energy.  Otherwise, when I get the man I will put him ahead of God.  I am not putting no man ahead of God.  My relationship with God is the most important relationship I have.  If, I don't have Him I don't have anything. 

I said all that to say.  Stop acting like your living for God.  But what you're really doing is half living for God and half living to get a man.  Give your all to God and He will fulfill all your desires.

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kita said...

God should be the #1 man in your life point blank. I don't put any man above him sadly a lot of women do.

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