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8 Tips To Romance Your Man!

Valentine’s Day is coming and I think it is soooo important for Woman to make sure they keep the romance alive in their marriage or relationship.  I am not married (boo) and have never been married so I have to live vicariously through my married friends.  I am not in a relationship and not planning on having sex until I am married.  So, romance is kind of of out of the question, for now.  (We will replace romance for the word sex, keeping it clean.) Anyway! I know many of my friends talk about, “After you are married for while the romance is out the door.” I sit there in shock every time.  What no romance?  What in the world?

It is so beyond me that married people say we don’t have time or we are too tired for roamance. Come on people.  How are you supposed to keep that special Godly Bond going?  I think as a woman you should never withhold sex from your husband or ignore his need to connect with you.  The reason being is if you don’t then someone else will.  It's simple as that!  Men need to feel special and loved just like you do.  Never forget that.  I think it's time to stop being selfish ladies and romance your man.

It is quite simple.  The little things for men work so easily.  Just try these things and'll be giddy as teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert, when you are around your husband.

1.      When he gets home from work give him some space.  Let him regroup for about 30 minutes to an hour.  Men need to process and unwind. When he has time to do that he will be more willing to help you out.

2.      Cook him his favorite meal.  The old saying is, “The best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach.” It is so true. If you don’t know how to boil water you should make sure you can at least cook his favorite meal. If nothing else.

3.      Stop looking like a whodunit and why around the house.  Make sure you look good from time to time.  I see so many women that get married and then they go to pots.  Men are visual! Men are visual!  When he likes what he sees romance is a done deal. 

4.      Do activities he likes. If he likes going to football games then get your gear on and go.  Or have a viewing party for him and his friends. If, he like fishing then dang it go fishing.  Unless, this is his personal time to unwind otherwise give him that time away without complaining.

5.      Take him on a date.  Change places.  Or should I say Trading Places (Usher).  Make all the plans. Pay for everything, even drive. Take him where he likes to go. Make sure you are looking fabulous and smelling good.  Remember, how good he used to look when you were dating? You know how you used be think, "He looks so good." Make him think the same thing about you.
6.      When he gets home from work (san kids) do everything for him.  Greet him at the door with a kiss.  Take his shoes off and rub his feet. No talking please! Have his dinner cooked (hot and ready).  Then, run him a hot bath.  Then, give him a bath.  Dry him off and then message his back.  If he don’t feel appreciated that...then I don’t know what to tell you. 

7.      Try kissing him everyday day for at least 30 days.  Not a peck on the cheek. I mean a kiss on the lips for at least 30 seconds.  I read this somewhere.  When you kiss like that you are making a real.  It might be awkward at first but after a few days it will become more passionate. 

8.      Ok, this one last one takes real commitment.  For 30 day…have sex.  You’re married so it should not be a big deal.  Your husband has testosterone surging all thru his body.  He may say, “Oh, baby it is ok that you’re not in the mood.” But what he is thinking…”Dang, It is not okay that for the millionth time we are not having sex. I feel like falling off a cliff.”  When you withhold sex you pushing him closer to finding somewhere else.

Ladies, I know some of these ideas might be a little much and you feel like you don’t have enough time in the day.  It could be that the kids are holding you back.  Honey, don’t even think like that or you will find another excuse to keep you from connecting to your Husband.  Even, the best of men will seek attention from another woman when they don’t what they need at home.  I am not saying he will cheat.  I am saying you don’t even want him to go there.  Or think about it. There are a lot of women out there happy to break up your home.  I suggest you don’t even them a chance.  Oh, and don’t think that no other woman would be interested in him. That will be your last married mistake.  He could be blind crippled and crazy as a loon I guarantee that some hoochie is looking at him like...She is like Sylvester smacking his lips when he sees innocent Tweety Bird. Trust Me!

It is nothing wrong with spoiling your man.  You want him do to all those things for you. Why not give him the same time and attention?

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Linda Kinsman said...

I love your tips, especially the stop looking like a whodunit! I am starting a new blog series that will touch on this.
I am your newest GFC follower stopping by to say Hi from N.W.W.B. group.

Will said...
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A. Turner said...
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Angela Johnson said...
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Michael .C said...

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