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And Jason Wu Takes The Prize, Again!!!!

Today, was a historical day for our country. 50 years after the Civil Rights Movement  and the 2nd Inauguration of the First Black President on Martin Luther King, Jrs' Holiday.  That was a lot.  It was a very meaningful day to so many people.  We often don't think about what  people went through in the past to get us to this day.  Many people lost their lives and were treated horrible.  We  often don't realize that most of us in this country today are not pure Anglo-Saxon Or European Blood.  So, in reality all those people were fighting for you, too.  A little something to think about.

The day was filled with all kinds of Pomp and Circumstance. Most people were really wondering what Michelle Obama would wear today.  Since, stepping on the scene she has become a Fashion Icon.  She even has a website all about her Fashion choices. She has set the trend and brought fame to lessor known Designers.  She has made Sasha and Malia young fashionistas, as well.

I watched everything that day.  I love all the historical value and all the information going all over the TV gets me all excited.  Almost as soon I flip on the TV. I hear reporters talking about what Mrs. Obama will wear. It's National News! In case, you did not hear I would queue you in.

For the public swearing in ceremony she choose to wear a gorgeous dress and coat by designer Thom Brown and belt by J. Crew

Michelle Obama
The biggest prize winner is Jason Wu once again.  In 2009, he designed her Ball Gown for Mrs. Obama's  First Inaugural Ball.  That one Fashion choice put Jason Wu on the map.  Now, he is practically a household name.  I wonder what this will do for his career?
Michelle Obama
Like the president said today no matter how you feel about him you have to admit Michelle has done an outstanding job.   It is so true!  She makes being the First Lady look so effortless and fun.  How many other First Lady's went on a National Talk show running an obstacle course, joking and having fun?  None. You might think it is unbecoming of a First Lady but I think it makes her look quite normal and very likable.  Either way you gotta say the woman has style.
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