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Photo Scavenger Hunt

Today, I am trying my hand a photography.  Most great bloggers do their own photos.  In the same tradition, going to do the Same. I ahd to find a way to get better so I can run with the big dogs.  I decided to join Scavenger Hunt Sunday by Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk.  It is really quite simple you stop by her site on Sundays. Ashley writes a post on people, places, or things to photogragh. Sunday is the day you link up.  Simple Right?  I strongly encourage you to check it out. 

And now for the reveal.

A Park. I choose water park in black and white with color accents.

Here is the other side of the park for BBQing. 

While walking into Wal-Mart I thought I could take a picture.

People watching at historical Union Station.

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Buckeroomama said...

The color pop in the first picture was quite fun! :)

So glad that you're joining Scavenger Hunt Sunday. It's really a great way to challenge oneself with regard to photography and have fun in the process, too. :)

Angela Johnson said...

Thank you! I wished the blue had shown up that would have bee even better. Now if I could get my pics to display corretly with out me taking 45 mins to do it. I'll be good.


I finally got here to view your hunt images. Thanks for leaving me your link in my comments.

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