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The Past Is The Past

Let the past be the past. How many times have you heard that? I know it is hard to forget the crazy things. Or even forget the good things. The past can keep you from moving forward. When we live in our past sadness, joys, and successes we tend to stay there.

Take for example, if you had a bad relationship you keep thinking that every person you meet after that is the same. Perhaps, you had great success and you keep going over and over how great it is was. You will never strive to make anything else happen. Whether, it is drama or success in your past it is still the past.

Stop, playing that movie over and over in your head. Make new things happen. That person that hurt you in the past is a jerk. Make sure you took the lesson and keep yourself from getting back in that situation again. Learn from your past success how to create another in the future. 

I have spent too much time thinking about the past. I had to let go. Regardless, of what happened in the past life doesn't stop. Life keeps going on around you. That jerk is probably not even thinking about you. That success might have been the first but not the last. Life is full of joy and sadness to help you become who you are.

When you get stuck in the past it stops you from living. You become stagnant and life begins to stink,  like when a pond becomes stagnant. I know you don't want your life to stink. So, SNAP OUT OF IT! LIVE FOR THE PRESENT!

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