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6 Of The Best Lessons I Ever Learned

It has been a long time! I must apologize! I have truly missed you. 

I had to take some time out to make sure I was going in the right direction.  From time to time we all have to evaluate things to keep from going too far off a cliff!  I felt like I was running around in circles chasing my tail.  I decided I needed to get clarity. To do that you have to separate yourself.  It is not always easy but so necessary. 

I found out things about myelf that I never knew.  I really started to see things clearer. The confusion was gone. The worry fell off. The anxiety stopped.  When I learned a lesson I felt like, a tank of gas getting filled with Super Premium Gas until the tank was running over. I want to share what I learned, hopefully they will help you, too.

Here's What I learn:

Success is not always pretty. I learned that everyone is not happy about your success.  Like the old saying, "like crabs in a barrel," some always wants to pull you down. Some people want to keep you from being successful. Others want to become successful before you. It is just how it goes. The great thing is there are those people that are happy for your success and will comfort you in failure. Those people are rare. Keep them close.

You are uniquely you.  In the world today, we have learned to change who we are to adapt to our environment.  No one wants to be the first person to be different but if you are going to be true to yourself you have to dare to be different.

Make Things happen. You are responsible for your success. The bottom-line is, not everyone sees your dream.  Everyone does not understand who you are or what qualifies you to handle the task.  Despite, what people may say, It Is Up To You To Make Things Happen! Who's dream is it anyway?

In life there are winners and losers.  The losers always have a million excuses why they are not successful. They always talk about success but never do anything to achieve it.  Winners see opportunity in everything.  They always make a way when it seems impossible.  Which one are you, loser or winner?

Stop giving it up for free? I am talking about help.  I love helping people.  I want everyone to be successful.  Many times I have helped people to my own detriment. Then, I wonder why I am never successful. Duh? Because I you spend all your time helping others more than yourself. I decided I will help but I will put limits and boudaries on my time.  I aslo decided If people need special projects completed they can pay for my time, like we all pay for special services.

Stop doing it all.  Pick what you are truly good at and do that.  Let people know what you bring to the table.  Why not say, "I am can do this, this and this. If, you need me in those areas I can help."  Have the courage to know your own limitations.

I learned alot.  It has made me a better person.  I am not spending my time spinning my wheels on pointless stuff. Nor am I listening to the nay-sayers. I can honestly say I know myself. I am happy.  Truly happy.  Because I took the time to put things into perspective I feel confident, excited, and my passion has been renewed.  I understand who I am. I know am able to do what  I put my mind to.  Powerful!

I want to encourage you to take a time out to find clarity. If you have been feeling lost, empty, and trying things but you are still not satisfied. You need to do this!  Take time to think, evaluate and renew.  You are worth it!

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