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It Is All About You!

The magazines, media and people help shape how we think about ourselves.  They tell us how to dress, act, parent, and love.  If you dare to cross the boundaries that society has set-up for us you risk violating the “New School Code of Ethics.” Society says we have very little room to make mistakes or show our own individuality. It is almost like you need approval to be yourself.  I am here to tell you…Being you is just fine.
We were all made to think and feel differently.  Sooner or later we have all fallen into the trap of seeking approval from others.  I myself have been there many times.  I wondered, “Why don’t people understand me,” or “What am I missing?”  I thought I had to have certain people’s approval to define my success.  What ended up happening I became uncomfortable and frustrated? This made me give up until I realized I could not let people change me.
I learned that I don’t have to fit a mold. I don’t have to have anyone’s approval. For every 1 negative result there are 10 positive results. We spend our time trying to seek approval and fit the mold we fail to see that people like us just the way you are. Everyone is not going to believe in your dreams. Everyone is not going to like the way you dress. It is OK.  Being you is so much better than being a copy of someone else’s original.
While I have your attention let’s work on getting you back to your unique self.  Let’s take some time out this week to:
·        List 5 unique things about you.
·        List at least 5 areas that you’ve changed your thoughts, ideas, or plans to seek approval from others. 
·        List 5 way to move the above 5 areas back into being originally you.
Seriously, consider these 3 tasks. Use a journal to help you visualize areas to work on.  Once you start you list I guarantee you will feel better.

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