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Have We Lost Our Personal Connections?

Wednesday was my youngest son’s birthday.  I bought him a much desired smartphone.  Since being introduced to the ipod he could be seen constantly carrying it around everywhere.  I would always tell him to tune-in.  Tune-in into the movie, conversation, or the just moment.  While riding in the car with him I thought I needed to tell him one of my pet peeves.  Even though he already knew the half-a-dozen things that got under my skin I failed to tell him this one thing.  I did not think it was right to keep fussing at him about something I never told him was a problem.  I started off, “I don’t think I have ever told you this but one of my pet peeves is when people are always on the phone or gadgets.” I went on to explain that I have always disliked when people I choose to spend time with answer calls and proceed to talk or continually text or FB.  I think it is rude.  I told him since we are always together I would give a little bit of a pass but when we are hanging out that is our time.  He understood.  Telling him that made me wonder whatever happened to being connected to people in the moment?

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with checking your phone every once in a while we all do it. The problem lies in getting into a full-on unimportant conversation while I am sitting there twitling my thumbs.  It is very rude.  It tells me you don’t value my time and in some way you don’t value me.  I honestly don’t think people do this on purpose.  Actually, the world has become all about being   plugged-in.  We think if we unplug we’ll miss what’s going in the world or least in the world of our FB friends.  Have we learned to value our virtual connections over the real ones? We somehow want their approval on the things we do, say and post. 

Don’t get me wrong I have been there, posting to get a reaction.  We have all loved the euphoric feeling of getting the notification of a liked post.  (If you say not me…you’re lying.) Reality is that we all enjoy approval but what about real personal connections? What about having face-to-face contact? Don’t you miss seeing people smile or hearing a real friend laugh at your jokes? We really don’t have that anymore.  Have we rejected those connections for LIKES?

It makes me sad.  I miss getting mail.  Not just bills and “Dear Resident” letters.  I mean letters from friends and family you haven’t spoken to or seen in a while.  I miss hanging out with a friend or a loved one talking for hours about all the things we missed since the last time we spoke.  It is frustrating when you find out something important about someone close to you on FB.  I loved when my nephew and his wife found out they were expecting they picked up the phone to call.  I felt really special that I could share that moment with them.  It made me feel connected to their lives. It was a perfect example of what I’ve been talking about. 

I hope that by sharing my thoughts I have given you the desire to connect or to stay- in-the moment.  It is so important to stay connected.  We have to make sure when we have the privilege to spend time with someone we stay- in-the moment.  Make sure you cherish that time because we can never get back that moment back. 

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