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Livin Life With Purpose is all about "Joyful Purpose." Here, I love empowering women to act on their dreams. 

I'll share my dreams, life, incite and you share yours. We'll laugh, cry, and learn from each.  Here we will create relationships that help each other become better.  Because when one of us grows we all grow. 

The Writer Behind The Blog:

My name is Angela Johnson Mom of 2, writer, social entrepreneur, PR, social media marketer and social media consultant.   Below I have broken down myself into catergories so you can know me better.

Things I like:

  • The smell of rain in the spring and summer.
  • Babies, cute cuddley babies.
  • Laughing til it hurts.
  • I like beat dropping bass music (you know Lil Jon beats).
  • Cracking jokes when people least expect.
  • Watching TV with my kids (nothing in paticular I sometimes just force them watch TV with me).
  • Romance (enough said).
  • Science, research, and history ( I'm kinda geeky).
  • Networking and meeting new people. 
  • NYC (if I can make there I can make anywhere).
People I Admire:

  • Oprah Winfrey- Media Mogual
  • Sean "P. Diddy Combs- Music Mogual
  • Kimora Lee-Simmons-Business Mogual
  • Donald Trump-Business Mogual
  • Bill and Melinda Gates- Business Mogual
Shows I like:
Blogs I like:
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